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Blog Title: instant hot water heater maintenance

Main Que: Is there any yearly maintenance I need to do on tankless water heater?

  • Category: Heat Pump Water Heater Maintenance
  • Query By: BESSIE VAUGHN (Oakland, CA)
  • Date: 07/02/2013

Answer: Yearly maintenance for tankless water heater is a myth. Basically, the one thing that you have to do regularly with tankless water heater is the flushing of the system. This procedure in fact needs to be performed based on the amount of usage of the system. Lets say the unit is installed in a traditional house where it is used on a daily basis, then yes you would have to do the maintenance annually. On the other, if you had the unit installed in your vacation home, and you really just used it 6 months, then no, you will have to do the maintenance every 2 years. Also, this can go the other way. For example, if the unit is meant for a 2 people family, and is being used by a 4 person family, you might have to do the maintenance semi annually.

  • Replied By: DEANNA CORTEZ (Inglewood, CA)
  • Replied Date: 08/01/2013